Case Studies

This is a sampling of work cases over the past few years.  These cases represent the type of training and development work that we do.

Agilent Technologies


Agilent is a high tech company than spun off from Hewlett Packard.  Agilent had us use Smart Work with their Asian sales teams.  This was a two-step process.  We first helped the sales leaders determine their sales strategy and their strategic goals.  After Agilent completed their sales strategy and strategic goals we implemented Smart Work to help all sales personnel in Asia align their daily work with the sales strategy and strategic goals. The leader of the sales team was certified in the Smart Work process.  The outcome of Smart Work had a very positive impact on the execution of the Asian sales team.


albertsons-logo1Albertsons is one of the largest grocery store chains in the US.  They selected us as their primary partner in the creation and implementation of their corporate university. This project entailed the creation of a charter which laid out a strategy for integrating and aligning the work of eight separate training business units. The charter guided us as we completed the remaining work to set up the corporate university. We provided the following services:

  • Developed competencies and established a process for managing these competencies.
  • Mapped curriculum to the competencies.
  • Established standards for the design and delivery of training and other learning interventions.
  • Helped design learning experiences that aligned with business needs and learning gaps.
  • Measured the effectiveness of learning and development efforts.

Avon Products, Inc.

avon-logoWe have worked with Avon to build and manage their corporate university and other training efforts. Our work has included the following services:

  • Conducted planning and kick-off sessions to target initiatives and define purpose, scope, and audience.
  • Created a campaign that included a book, tapes, day planners, marking, public relations and communication plans, and a major conference for women.
  • Designed, developed, and wrote a book focusing on Avon values and objectives.
  • Created sales training and integrated it into customized day planners, audio tapes, and live sessions.
  • Provided conference planning, speakers, education, and training.
  • Helped establish competencies—work standards—for all sales managers and sales leadership roles.
  • Helped integrate competency software into sales, performance, and HR processes.
  • Measured the effectiveness of learning and training efforts.

Department of Veterans Affairs

VA_logoAs the VA’s partner, we established an organization-wide measurement process and strategy. We did this working with the VA Learning University.  The following is a snapshot of the services we provided:

  • Facilitated two-day ROI seminars for many of the learning specialists within the VA to help them better understand how the design and delivery of learning interventions influences the impact of learning.
  • Completed approximately twenty studies of specific courses offered by the VA to illustrate the processes we were teaching.  These were hands-on studies where our staff functioned as both measurement experts and mentors for VA personnel.

The VBA (The Veterans Benefits Administration) used us to help them align the daily work of their employees with the strategic goals of the VBA.  A group of VBA associates were certified in the Smart Work process.  We completed several sessions in the VBA to help in the certification process.  The associates have now completed many additional sessions in the VBA.

We are still measuring the outcome of these sessions on the execution of those who have participated.   We are certain the amount of fake work in this organization has decreased.  Early indications lead us to believe that execution (Real Work) is improving dramatically.

Design Workshop

We helped Design Workshop (A company that does landscaping design) develop and articulate a strategic plan, communicate the plan to employees, and then drive it through the entire organization using Smart Work.  This process started with leaders across the entire company and was then cascaded through every office.

The results in terms of increased execution and strategy were very good.  Everyone was focused on what needed to be done.

Future Generation Foundation

future-gen-logoThe Future Generation Foundation (FGF) is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.  They are all about teaching and training current and future leaders in Egypt.  We certified their internal training teams to provide the Smart Work sessions.  They have currently completed many Smart Work sessions in Egypt with various organizations.  We helped them complete Smart Work with Cadbury Chocolate in the Middle East and the Dale Carnegie group in the Middle East.

This group has also been certified in all of our learning products.  They are doing a great job with the 4E Learning Model.

Savage Industries

Savage Industries is a transportation company.  Savage owns trucks, ships, and railroads.  They focus on the delivery of coal and other energy related products.  Our work at Savage was with their senior level strategy team.  We spent time helping them determine their strategic plan.  We then facilitated Smart Work with this team.  For the first time the strategy team discovered that they needed to do more than develop strategy.  They needed to do something to make certain that their strategy was executed.

The best part of this engagement was that the strategy team created their own list of critical work tasks that they needed to execute.  We are still measuring the impact of Smart Work on this team.  We are waiting six months to see if the members actually complete their Real Work tasks.

Starbucks Coffee

starbucks-coffee-logoWe have worked with Starbucks Coffee in the development of their training practices.  We worked with the key Starbucks program developers and introduced them to the 4E Learning Model and taught them the most updated approaches to designing courses that have organizational impact. 

We also completed several Smart Work sessions with key strategic development teams in the Starbucks leadership.

US Navy

US_Navy_logo3We partnered with the US Navy to embed an organization-wide approach to learning and development. During this two-year project, our consultants and facilitators: 

  • Assessed strategies, business plans and project plans to ensure alignment to organizational results.
  • Defined baseline measures for this initiative.
  • Created competencies and five levels of proficiencies for each seaman category. 

Yum! Brands

yum-brands-logoYum! Brands is a fast food organization that includes companies such as Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), A&W Root Beer, etc.  We partnered with Yum! To assess their learning organization, to make recommendations on training, HR and operations.  We helped them develop and implement their learning model. 

We also conducted Smart Work to help their teams align with organizational strategies.  We completed a very memorable Smart Work session for KFC in Germany with a matrix leadership team.  The folks at KFC Germany really benefited from completing this process.

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