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Fake Work – An Interactive Case Study

Complete this case study to determine to what extent you and your organization are doing Fake Work. We guarantee you will be shocked when you discover how much Fake Work is costing you both personally and professionally. Your organization might experience up to a 1500% Return on Investment by simply eliminating Fake Work and by learning how to implement Smart Work.
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    Complete this case study to determine to what extent you and your organization are doing Fake Work. We guarantee you will be shocked when you discover how much Fake Work is costing you both personally and professionally. Your organization might experience up to a 1500% Return on Investment by simply eliminating Fake Work and by learning how to implement Smart Work.

    * All questions need to be answered to receive your score.
  • 1. Ineffective Organizational Communication

    There was little or no communication between divisions, plants, and departments. Consequently, many projects and initiatives being completed in one department were counterproductive to other departments. We found unbelievable duplications and inefficiencies that could have been corrected with better communication. There were many silos that did not know what the other silo was doing.
  • 2. Unnecessary and Ineffective Meetings

    Over the years there were many mandated meetings that were required by the company. Many of those meetings were simply not needed. However, they continued because the company had mandated them. Meetings that needed to be held and could have been productive were poorly managed and mostly a waste of time for all participants.
  • 3. Complete and Total Strategic Illiteracy

    Generally the senior leaders of this company knew the strategy but less than ten percent of the rest of the company could list a single strategic goal. The company was illiterate regarding the senior leaders’ strategy.
  • 4. Lack of Individual Alignment

    Employees within individual work teams had no idea what they could or should be doing.
  • 5. Fake Work Culture

    This company had a culture of “keep busy and look like you are doing something important.” The culture led some employees to give the appearance of hard work while doing what was not needed. Even though a new product system had inherent design flaws, produced high defect rates, and was going to be abandoned, they kept building it and the workers all appeared productive.
  • 6. Fake Work Policies and Procedures

    Many policies and procedures were driving Fake Work. For example, a weekly production report took about an hour each week to complete by each participating employee. But only one small piece of the data was captured from the report and utilized by the company. The data that the company actually used would have taken each employee only five minutes to produce--instead of an hour.
  • What Does All This Mean?

    The first two questions in each section are used to calculate Your Personal “Fake Work” Score. The last two questions are used to calculate Your Organization’s “Fake Work” Score. The higher your personal score the more Fake Work you are doing. The higher the organization score the more Fake Work is part of the culture. Submit the form and have your scores emailed to you:

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  • stephen-r-covey

    “’Synergy’ means the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  This book introduces a superior, synergistic product on a subject of immense importance.”

    - Stephen R. Covey

  • hyrum-smith

    "Fake Work is a seriously instructive book that illuminates the pitfalls of work that lacks authenticity. Peterson and Nielson explore the depth and breadth of a subtle yet intriguing phenomenon that plagues contemporary work-life. No one can afford to be without this book since it probes an issue central to continued productivity and success.” 

    Hyrum Smith
    Co-Founder, FranklinCovey, CEO Galileo

  • jack-zenger

    “At a time when most management literature rehashes the same old stuff, it is refreshing to be exposed to some fresh ideas with enormous practical relevance. Better yet the authors propose actionable cures for this silent disease of fake work that most business don’t recognize they have.” 

    Jack Zenger
    CEO of Zenger Folkman,
    coauthor of the bestselling The Extraordinary Leader

  • ken-blanchard"Brent Peterson and Gaylan Nielson bring to light a rarely examined activity that occurs daily in many organizations: Fake Work. Fake work wastes a precious resource—the time and talent of valuable employees. The authors underscore the problem—and solution pathways—with real-life examples that are at times disturbingly familiar. Read this book and get real!” 

    - Ken Blanchard
    coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Great Leaders Grow

  • stephen-covey“Brent Peterson and Gaylan Nielson have delivered! Their intriguing book, Fake Work, powerfully diagnoses why most organizations and people are overworked and yet are underperforming, being trapped in the ‘thick of thin things.’ This book is filled with illuminating insight while at the same time being immensely practical and useful. Above all, it will forever change how you and your organization look at work—and better yet how real work is identified and done, and the results that follow.”

    Stephen M. R. Covey
    author of twelve New York Times bestseller The Speed of Trust

  • elliott-masie

    "Buzzing blackberries, compulsive emailing and deadly powerpoints are indicators that your workforce may be busy doing Fake Work. Let's refocus our work on the goals and strategies that really matter. Peterson & Nielson provide a clear pathway to Real Work!" 

    Elliott Masie
    Chair, The Learning CONSORTIUM

  • craig-swenson

    “After just a few pages Fake Work forced me to begin asking myself hard questions about my organization—and about my own work. We all want to think our work is real, important, and makes a difference. The truth is that much of it isn’t and doesn’t. The damage fake work does to our organizations is incalculable. Leaders who care passionately about both performance and people should pay close attention to this important book.” 

    Craig Swenson
    President, Argosy University 

  • stephen-krempl

    “Fake Work provides a different view of how to get people impacting their organizational goals and results. Using many simple but painfully true and recognizable stories, the book unravels the numerous issues organizations face around having ‘extremely busy and hardworking’ employees who may not, in many cases, be impacting the bottom line. The good news is Peterson and Nielson layout deceptively simple but effective steps to resolve this."

    Stephen Krempl
    President, Krempl Communications International

  • charles-hobbs

    “Fake Work takes the reader on a comprehensive journey to the central core of what causes low productivity in companies and other organizations. With captivating narrative the authors help us see how universally debilitating the problem is and how it can be fixed. This remarkable book, backed by years of research, is a how to do it road map leading to peak performance.” 

    Dr. Charles R. Hobbs
    President, Unified Power, LLC, and creator of the internationally
    acclaimed “Time Power Seminar” for Achieving High Productivity.

  • norm-smallwood

    "When I look around any organization, everyone is very busy, working very hard and staying very late to get work done. When I look at results, somehow there is a mismatch between all the work that is being done and the results that are attained. The simplicity of the concepts and applications in Fake Work will help any organization move from fake work to real work, thereby having all of their resources aligned to achieving the same goals. If you are looking for something that is practical and not just hype, take the time to read and apply these concepts.”

    Darryl Wee
    Chief Commercial Officer, Nestronics Ltd., Singapore

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