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The Real Talk for Real Results workshop is a one or two-day full-spectrum inter¬personal communications course designed by Dr. John R. Stoker and is based on his latest book Overcoming Fake Talk: How to Hold REAL Conversations that Create Respect, Build Relationships, and Get Results. This workshop will help participants communicate more effectively in order to enhance personal and professional results by eliminating Fake Talk.

Dr. John R. Stoker


The Real Talk for Real Results workshop teaches leaders and team members how to hold difficult conversations—with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Learn to talk about what matters most. The ability to engage in spirited and healthy dialogue is the foundation of individual and organizational effectiveness. Increase your skill to increase your will!

The conversations you are having—or not having—could be the crux of your personal or professional challenges. When faced with the issues that matter most, people often avoid talking for fear of what they perceive to be the possible consequences. The way for you to resolve these issues—and get what you want most—is to hold REAL conversations.

What is a Real Conversation?

  • REAL conversations get results, increase respect, and build relationships—unlike counterfeit conversations, which generate lots of talk, but nothing ever improves or changes.
  • REAL conversation uses the skills of effective dialogue to increase engagement, contribution, and candor to talk about important issues.

Training in the art of holding REAL conversations helps individuals detect the dynamics of deteriorating conversations and reverse that trend. You will be able to improve collaboration and accountability while strengthening respect and trust.

As you learn to talk about what matters most, learning and dis­covery will increase, which will improve problem-solving and decision-making. Accountability will improve, as well as the performance of every participant.

While many conversations courses deal only with a recipe for sharing “undiscussables” or providing constructive feedback, you can expect this training to increase awareness and to develop applicable practical skills.

If you, your team, or your organization struggles with holding difficult conversations, defusing defensiveness, and increasing teamwork and collaboration, then Real Talk is for you. Complete the form below to request more information.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Hold conversations that achieve REAL results.
  • Detect deteriorating conversations that may be reversed and improved.
  • Improve collaboration, alignment, and accountability.
  • Strengthen relationships by improving respect and trust.
  • Increase productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Heighten learning and discovery resulting in improved problem solving, decision making and innovation.
  • Improve teamwork and support in execution.
  • Reduce Fake Talk and increase Real Talk for Real Results.

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